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The Best Haircuts,Fades, Buzz cuts

The Best Haircuts,Fades, Buzz cuts

Massage Shampoo

We use Paul Mitchell's TeaTree Shampoo, using natural tea tree oil, peppermint & lavender invigorate the scalp and leave hair smelling great! 

Hot Towel Treatment

Our hot towel treatment, using Paul Mitchell's TeaTree Conditioner, softens the hair and skin for a clean, close shave. We want to provide a refreshing feeling make your day better! 

Shoulder Massage

We offer a great shoulder massage, which has a lot of benefits:

-Relieves tension

-Releases "feel good" brain chemicals

-Improves Sleep

-Increases circulations, healing

Blackshear Barbershop-Rated Best New Barbershop

Serving all Dallas zip codes in 75082, 75044, 75040,75041,75238,75231,75225,75229,75234,75006,75287,75252,75075,75080,75081,75243,75251,75230,75229,75244,75254,75248

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The Best Haircuts,Fades, Buzz cuts, Shoulder Massages, Pompadour Cuts, Hair Color services, Face Shaves, Head Shaves, and Massage Shampoos.

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